Selling Your Residential Property in Symphony

Learn More about Selling Residential Proeprty in Symphony MA

Selling residential real estate can be extremely stressful or difficult if you don’t know how to go about it. Luckily, Symphony Apartments is here to help by guiding you through the process and connecting you with an experienced Boston Symphony real estate agent to guide you through the steps of a successful sale.

Step One: Deciding to Sell

There are plenty of reasons to think about selling your Boston Symphony home, but before making the decision to sell, you need to take a look at the current Boston real estate market conditions and see how it compares to your personal financial situation. The real estate agent you find on Symphony Apartments will help you determine a set of financial goals for your sale, and craft a plan to sell your Boston Symphony area home and meet those goals.

Step Two: Pricing Your Sale

Accurately pricing your Boston Symphony home is one of the most important aspects of the entire sales process. To help you price your Boston Symphony home correctly, Symphony Apartments will provide you with a totally free Comparative Market Analysis. A Comparative Market Analysis compares your Boston Symphony real estate with similar properties that have been recently sold in the Boston Symphony area, and then determines the highest price your property could charge while still staying competitive in the Boston Symphony real estate market. Having a realistic, competitive pricing strategy helps determine the financial goals of your sale and gives you a preliminary for your sale.

Step Three: Preparing Your Property For Sale

After pricing your Boston Symphony property, you need to start preparing your home to be sold. First, you need to hire a professional home inspector to examine and review your Boston Symphony home. A property inspector can be extremely helpful in showing you what small fixes and improvements you can make to drive up the value of your home.

After a home inspection, you should hire a professional cleaning crew to tidy up your Boston Symphony home. Having a professional cleaned home eliminates dirt, grime and clutter, and makes your Boston Symphony residential property much more impressive to the eyes of potential buyers.

Step Four: Marketing Your Boston Symphony Property

After your property has been priced and prepped for sale, it’s time to start marketing your sale. Your Boston Symphony real estate agent has a wide variety of methods for marketing your Boston Symphony sale, from traditional signs and print advertisements to creative, software and internet driven advertising. Symphony Apartments has several online outlets to ensure maximum exposure for your Boston Symphony property, including mobile phone applications, an interactive national real estate website, and a huge network of 80+ proprietary websites. To ensure that you only receive qualified leads, your Boston Symphony agent will prescreen all potential buyers. With the marketing expertise found on Symphony Apartments, your sales listing will find its way into the right hands to get sold for the highest possible returns.

Step Five: Negotiating Your Offers

After you’ve begun receiving offers for your Boston Symphony property, you can start the negotiation process. There is no set timetable for how long negotiations should take, but usually, the length of negotiations is determined by the amount of interest that your sale has generated. If your Boston Symphony home has seen a lot of traffic from interested parties, then you should allow negotiations to take some time in case you receive a new, better offer. If your property hasn’t generated a heavy amount of interest, you should speed up negotiations to lock in the offer that you have.

Keep in mind that negotiating different sales terms can affect the financial returns of your sale, so throughout negotiations you should keep the following contingencies in mind:

  • Mortgage Contingency: What is the amount of the buyers down payment? How long will it take them to get a loan commitment from a bank?
  • Home Inspection Contingency: Does the buyer require a professional home inspection? If so, how much of the cost are they willing to absorb?
  • Earnest Money Deposit Schedule: How much money is required to bind the offer? What amount will be put down with the Purchase and Sale (P&S) agreement?

These, and several other factors, will affect the timeline of the sale of your Boston Symphony area home. But ensuring that you’ve negotiated the best possible terms is of key importance, so no matter how long it takes, it is worth it when you achieve your financial sales goals.

Step Six: The P&S Agreement

After you and your Boston real estate agent have evaluated an initial offer, the next step is to outline the terms and details of our sale in a Purchase and Sale (P&S) agreement. The Purchase and Sale agreement is typically compiled 1-2 weeks after an initial offer is accepted, and is required to finalize the sale of your property. To help you compile the P&S agreement, your real estate agent will put you in touch with a local real estate attorney.

While the P&S is being drafted, you and your buyer can continue to move the sales timeline along by following through on any remaining contingencies, such as home inspections.

Step Seven: Closing

After the signing of the Purchase and Sale agreement, it typically takes 30-60 days to close on the sale of your Boston Symphony home. During this period, the lender will give their loan to the buyer, and the buyer completes the title examination. In Massachusetts, the state requires that some additional items be supplied by the seller or their real estate agent, including:

  • Title V Certificate: The Title V Certificate holds that the septic system on your property is working properly.
  • Smoke Detector Certificate: The fire department must certify that the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home are working properly. The guidelines for this requirement change pretty frequently, so you should make sure you’ve read the most recent guidelines before setting up an inspection appointment.
  • 6D Certificate: The 6D certificate is required for condominiums, and holds that all common charges and dues have been paid and are current.

An HUD document is also included in the closing documents for your Boston Symphony property, and acts as the legal endpoint in the closing process. The HUD document is written by the closing attorney, and provides a detailed overview of the entire sales transaction. Once all of the closing documents have been signed, the lender will fund the buyer’s loan, and you will receive your payment. All closing documents for your Boston Symphony property will be recorded at the Registry of Deeds, and the sale of your Boston Symphony home will officially be complete.

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